Battered, Not Broken

A guy I work with who’s also in a band — a band with an actual record deal — asked me how my music was going. What could I say? What do I have to show for ten years and thousands of dollars spent pursuing this dream? Not much. Not enough. The fact is, I’m feeling pretty beaten up these days.

The prospect of calling yet another apathetic venue booker, or trying to sell another A&R or publicity type, leaves me cold. In fact, in the rare moments of silence at work where I actually have a second to make just such a call, I tend to visit CNN or Drudge Report. I’m so tired of seeing Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams and Davis Gray and John Mayer — much as I love them all — get lobbed up the charts.

That’s all I want: one song that gets through, that moves people. On the bright side, I have a few people to call who, on the surface, seem generally interested. So forget my ranting. Yes, this sucks. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to play “Crash Site” over and over and over. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to help out a nice kid from Iowa.

So call me battered, not broken.

Tomorrow: I pick up the phone…

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