Creating The Ultimate Back To School Soundtrack

I have a turkey burger deluxe getting cold in the other room, and Francis Ford Copolla’s The Conversation paused on the DVD player, so I’ll be brief…

I visited Kevin Anthony’s Control One Studios on 23d Street after work today. He and I sat a while listening to “Summer’s Gone,” discussing a remix, and listening to some of his previous remix efforts. Kevin’s band Electroland was signed briefly to Warner Brothers. He has a real knack for beats. Plus, he’s from Texas, so he’s got this Middle of the Country sensibility to him that I relate to. He’s on the “Summer’s Gone” remix job, and should have something by late May.

The plan is to re-release it as a CD single with some b-sides (maybe studio tracks, maybe live tracks, maybe both) in August, and to play a small tour in early September. I always imagined the song as the ultimate Back To School soundtrack: a top-down, 70-mile-per-hour, leaves-falling, crankin’-the-radio rock song. Maybe we’ll nail that. I think so.

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