Sore All Over

I’m not sure I can do another weekend like this anytime soon. What, with parental units visiting from the Midwest, a half-marathon, a rock show — damn, I’m sore all over.

Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. That is, I keep sayin’, and I believe it, that life is short; I can rest later. So I’m trying to get it all in, get it all done. I’m not quite sure what drives it.

Maybe all those years I spent stoned on the couch talking about what I’d do, but not doing much. Maybe something deeper, more cryptic. It never feels like enough, and it’s no “finish line” is as rewarding as I’d like (“I thought there would be more plumes,” Pippin says) but it beats being idle.

And there’s still lots more I’d like to do: painting, film, swimming. More on last night’s show (which was a terrific success) in the morning…

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