I Fired The Drummer

The band for Saturday’s show just got a little leaner; I fired the drummer.

Last night’s rehearsal was completely un-fun, just inches from a train wreck the entire time because the new guy was still unprepared. Really nice guy, but unprepared. It was truly painful. I was all set to wing it Saturday anyway, and leave it up to God and such, but on Tony’s suggestion, we’re gonna’ play tomorrow’s show as an acoustic trio: Tony on upright bass, Paul and me on acoustic guitars. Same set, same songs, same big rock — all acoustic.

It’s funny. It’s like the universe is conspiring to make us play this show acoustic. A few week’s ago my brother was all up my ass about how I’m better at quieter shows, not the big, fashion-conscious, volume-conscious, rock shows. My dad’s in town to visit, and I know he’s not into the big rock. And watching Sheryl Crow yesterday reminded me just how powerful a solo show can be. So we’ll see. It worked for Nirvana. It worked for LL Cool J. It’ll work for us.

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