The Post-CBGB Hullabaloo

Rain is falling. The WTC Tribute in Light is casting a white shadow across the city. This is my first night “off” in weeks, and I’ve settled in with “Carrie,” and you…

The post-CBGB’s MTV hullabaloo has passed (with no airtime). I’ve been focussed on securing a new drummer. Third Rail percussionist Filipe Torres got the winning nod from outgoing rock diva Rosa Avilla, who resumes her touring schedule with Andy Williams next week. We begin rehearsals next Tuesday, wedging our studio time between my trips to Washington, D.C. (where I’ll be performing Nick Drake’s “Time Has Told Me” at my friend Heather’s wedding) and Las Vegas (where I’ll be attending the National Association of Broadcaster’s convention).

Tony, Paul and I were stoked with our CB’s performance, and are psyched to keep the momentum. I’m lining up a show in May at the Sidewalk, hopefully with Filipe and cellist Julia Kent, as well as a few show’s with bassist Jeff Domanski for Lifebeat’s Hearts & Voices volunteer program. I also plan to demo new songs like “Golden Wings,” “Never Be The Same,” and “I’ll Be Waiting.” Then the goal is to get the “Summer’s Gone” tour scheduled for September, with stops from Boston, MA to Athens, GA. There’s a lot of work to do.

I’m gonna’ get some rest.

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