Being A Rock Star Is So Glamorous

Benjamin Wagner Deluxe, Limited Liabilty Partnership, spent 6 times more money in 2001 than it earned. (Can I interest you in buying a CD?)

Ouch. So I’m sittin’ here in my living room listening to John Mayer, my current singer/songwriter fave, fresh from getting my taxes together. It’s a March ritual: I spread all of the previous year’s receipts and invoices around me on the floor and add it all up. But even with the extra bonus fun of watching “Say Anything” and “High Fidelity” while I worked, today’s math was pretty shocking. (See? Being a rock star is sooo glamorous!)

The big dollars went to recording, mixing and mastering “Crash Site” and the “Crash Site CD Single”, plus paying the band. The big income (thank you all very much) was CD sales. Still, can I interest you in buying a CD?

Forcast for 2002? More solo shows. More money on promotion and publicity. And the increasing likelihood that there will be no new Benjamin Wagner CD until 2003.

So… can I interest you in buying a CD?

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