Aspiring Rock Star Schedule

The schedule of an aspiring rock star:

8am: Woke up, drank coffee, played guitar.

9pm: Walked to work.

10pm: Meeting.

11pm: Meeting.

12pm: Ate sandwich at desk. Called Club Iota (D.C.), left message. Wrote, printed, sent two letters to two A&R types. Emailed a management firm.

1-6pm: work was punctuated by Photoshopping and printing mailers and posters for upcoming CBGB’s show.

8pm: Went to post office for stamps, Kinkos to copy and cut mailers.

9pm: Rode a loop around Central Park on my mountain bike.

10pm: Picked up mailers from Kinkos. Affixed labels and stamps to mailers. Ate ravioli. Watched Real World and The Osbournes. Fell asleep.

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