Just in from rehearsal — exhausted. But psyched and confident for tomorrow. One rehearsal, and the band is back in fine form. The new one, “Golden Wings,” has gone from just a few chords on my acoustic to a fairly epic number. We’re opening with it, so get there on time. Paul’s playing an arpegiated line over the intros and chorus that takes it to an amazing new place. And Rosa and Tony hold the beat in a patient, plodding way. It’s solid. We’re solid. And I have tomorrow off to go running, listen to John Mayer, and get settled for a great big MTV show. Anjd of course make all the booking and A&R caqlls I’ve failed to make on the MTV News clock. Word is the show may make MTV2. We’ll see. I just want Kurt Loder to dig it. That’d be mission accomplished.

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