What We Don’t Know

Watched “Salvador” tonight, Oliver Stone’s directorial take on the early-80s uprising (and U.S.-backed subversion) of “Communist” guerrilas there. Disturbing stuff. Makes me wonder what I don’t know, what we don’t know, that’s going on in the world. And as the Gulf War spawned “Three Kings,” I imagine Afghanistan too spawn films that tell the real story, or a more elaborate story, of the struggles there — the stories we aren’t told.

Otherwise, am resting up for MTV News’ big Grammy coverage Wednesday. A 12-hour day no doubt. I’ll spend the night emailing and two-way paging “talent” (Fred Durst, Bono, Nelly Furtado) on what they’re up to, then publishing it to the site. Not quite like being there, as I once aspired, but maybe a step closer.

We all know “Crash Site” is Grammy worthy anyway.

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