Blurry Blobs Of Color

The sun is falling on my brick walls. So beautiful. It’s been a gorgeous, but cold, Sunday in the city. I rode out over the GWB again, cold every mile, then came home and feasted on semi-solid foods.

I tried to write something to post for for you here, but nothing good came.

So I’m paiting now; working on a square of my tooth, the one with the roots. My thing seems to be very streaky, blurry blobs of color, which in red reminds me of clotted blood. Hence the tooth, and it’s slippage with my broken jaw and all that. So now I have songs and paintings to work out all the inner goings on and make them tangiable, visible, real.

Going to Ocean for oysters and beers later, then gearing up for the big Grammy week.

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