Waiting For The Codeine To Kick In

Been home from Dr. Pack’s office (40th & Lex, if you were wondering) for about an hour. Am drinking Sunny Delight.

The top one came out easily (the intact one in the image), I could barely feel him tugging on it for a second then it just slipped out. But he had to really work the bottom one back and forth a while which really strained the muscles in the joints of my jaw. He finally just cut the tooth in half. Apparently teeth come out better in fragments. It all took less time than it took for two Pete Yorn songs to play in my headphones.

So I’m waiting on the codeine to kick in and the novocain to wear off.  And I can report that indeed it smelled, tasted, and felt like the whole high school broken jaw experience. Not fun. I imagine the ache will be the same too.

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