Blender Ready Food

Highlight of the day thus far? Getting a new cordless phone at Staples? Thuggin’ out at Foot Locker? Nah, for all the excitement the 34th Street mall provided, the real excitement was in the kitchen: homemade chicken soup, fruit smoothies — all blender ready food ready for my two extractions (read: teeth pulled) tomorrow morning. Yeah!

As you might imagine, I’m pretty freaked about the whole tooth pulling thing. When I was 10 I had four pulled, went through years of orthadontia, and about two weeks after all that was done, I lost one more when my jaw was broken (and dislocated in two places). So it kind of dredges up all the “Bone” stuff. I won’t be going under (anesthesia is local), so I have a MiniDisc of (who else?) Pete Yorn ready to rock out. And and I have a fistful of Codeine waiting in the wings.

I’ll letcha’ know how it goes.

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