Outside It’s America

Excepting a long run along the river, and paging through the New York Times, this lazy Sunday was punctuated by Janet Jackson’s HBO performance. I’m not a fan, but friends had us over to watch, so we watched. What a spectacle. To her credit, she does actually sing a few numbers. But it’s just so funny to me what some people consider “a concert.” It was more circus or Broadway than concert, but I guess people want a big show for their big bucks.

I’m of course of the school that show is just a bunch of people on stage playing their instruments with, at best, some cool lights and maybe a few wacky images on a screen behind them. What do I know. But like I always say (quoting Bono), “Outside it’s America.” And America shops at Wal-mart, eats at McDonalds, and watches “Friends.”

So what do I know.

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