Valentine’s Day At Arlene

What to say? Like that, it’s over. Valentine’s Day. The benefit show. Done, over. It’s the next morning — I broke my “daily journal” routine yesterday ‘cuz I was movin’ non-stop. So, here’s what happened, and how it felt…

I was nausious all the way downtown. I always am. Rosa was setting up her drums when I got to Arlene. Jeff showed up and we quickly line checked, but didn’t soundcheck. Once Ian, the soundman, got word of how many acts were playing (12!), he got us started. We had 20 minutes. So there I was, already, playing Em to G, singing “This Valentine / This 45 / Keeps me awake / Keeps me.”

It was a great, allbeit short.

I remembered to enjoy it.

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