Everyone’s Coming Of Age

I was completely rockin’ out like Jackson Pollack last night, painting and bouncing around my apartment to “For Nancy (‘Cuz It Already Is).” I got so excited with what I was doing, with all the ideas I had, the plans for an art show/performance, all thematically linked, that I couldn’t fall asleep.

I’ve been wanting to paint on square panels for a while, at least since I started “painting” again (prior to maybe junior high school) last summer — and rectangles just weren’t cutting it. So I went to the lumberyard (right here in Hell’s Kicthen!), got 8 pieces cut to 6″x6″, spread four coats of gesso on each, and got to it. Now I’m outa’ blue.

I know nothing, really, NOTHING, about painting. I’m just figuring it out as I go, like I did with guitar (for better or worse). One minute I think I’m getting it, and I like what I’m doing, then it sucks and I wanna’ quit. Perfect. Like life. still, I’m really into it.

I went to a screening of the Britney Spears’ movie tonight. Really pretty awful, but then, when I was in the demo that’ll totally love it, I was into “Footloose,” so I was trying to cut it some flack. To its credit, it raises issues of date rape, teen pregnancy, and pre-marital sex, though without naming or showing any of it.

In a lot of ways, the story is alot like “Mo’ Hart,” the screenplay I wrote last summer and still hope to shoot with my brother. It’s basically a story about leaving home, placing your parents into some kind of context, breaking free of childhood issues, and, in the end, growing up to become a big star.

Isn’t that everyone’s coming-of-age fantasy?

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