Creature Of Habit

It’s raining outside. Sounds cool, soothing. A better day. Woke, dealt with laundry, went for a bike ride along the Hudson. Was gray and wintery, but so nice to be out, and look up the wide river.

Back home, I let the adrenaline left over from dodging cabs on 10th Avenue motivate me to do more errands. Found the Salvation Army in my ‘hood. Went to the army/navy (closed!). Got some other stuff.

Jeff came over and we ran through the set twice. It’s a short one. We’re trying to wedge five songs into 25 minutes, which sounds easier than it is when your songs are as long as “Summer’s Gone.” Then we started figuring out some other tunes, especially Peter Gabriel’s “Digging in the Dirt,” which we both agree is genius, and would like to do someday.

Walked through the rain to West Side Sushi, where when I left, they joked “See you tomorrow!”

Guess I’m a creature of habit.

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