Say Anything

Night is falling on Hell’s Kitchen. It’s not been a day of terrific accomplishment. I didn’t make it to the army/navy store for pants, or Lee’s Art Supplies for blank canvas. I didn’t buy new socks, or get my laundry to the laundromat. I didn’t do anything, except a get a haircut, read a few chapters of “In Cold Blood,” and write a song.

It’s called “Say Anything.” Yes, like the movie. I was thinking of it as a Valentine, of sorts. A completely un-embarassed love song. (I don’t do much of that sorta’ thing.)

I like the verse (“Say anything, say yes, you’ll be mine / Because this silence is just killing me all the time”), and the pre-chorus (even with it’s placeholder lyrics), but I think I need to take the chorus to a darker, less poppy place.

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