Breaking Up With Pete Yorn

I’m in the middle of a fairly awful day. My tooth is killing me. It’s a baby tooth, a molar, one of four or five that never fell out. So they need to be pulled and replaced with implants. Neither cheap, nor fun. So, of course, I’ve been procrastinating well over a year. But it’s gone too far, and they have to come out.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to Brit Pop’s latest darlings, Starsailor, trying to break up the Pete Yorn, I’m and still, still, still not feeling it. I keep trying, but the guy’s voice annoys me for some reason. I don’t like when people sound contrived, like they’re trying to make their voice sound overly distinctive. Which is in opposition, I think, to most people’s opinion on vocals. People like Mariah Carey, for God’s sake. Britney Spears. These are not natural singing voices.

Anyway, I’ve been working on booking shows in Philly and D.C. A potential Indianapolis show fell through when I had the gall to ask whether I could be paid for my 1000 miles of travel and 30 minutes of performance. Also, I’m working on booking shows as an opening act. I’ve asked The Nields and Ellis Paul, neither of which worked out for now, but look promising for the future.

I’ve also been in touch with Julia Kent, the cellist on “Down” and “Bone” (from “Crash Site”) and really want to do a show or two with her and Rosa, one of the drummers who plays with me. That’d be amazing, and will happen eventually. Next up, though, Rosa, Jeff Domanski (on bass) and I play five songs at the God’s Love We Deliver benefit at Arlene Grocery on Valentine’s Day at 7:30. That’ll be cool.

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