Raining Jane: On Any Given Sunday

March 10th, 2008

Raining Jane Forget that the music industry doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing with itself. Between MySpace, iTunes, ProTools, Twitter, YouTube and the rest, bands don’t need major labels anyway. They’re doin’ it for themselves.

In some strange way, 2008 may as well be 1908, or 1808. America’s highways are packed with minstrels and troubadours: folk-rock, prog-metal, pop-fusion, and everything in between. And on any given Sunday, you’ll find them at clubs like The Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Little Bear in Evergreen, Colorado, or The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona.

Or AK’s in Beaverdale, Iowa, where this Sunday night finds Los Angeles’ Raining Jane.

The catch isn’t that they’re four women, or four talented, multi-instrumentalist women, or four beautiful, talented, multi-instrumentalist women — it’s their voices: ethereal, cohesive, concerted and confident.

The quartet ping-pongs from the sacred to the profane effortlessly — from the pensive “Wyoming Skies” to the hilarious “Big Girl,” to the minor-chord kiss off of “Desperate Sails” — all tossed off with a wink, a joke, and harmonies like nobody’s business.

Heck, they do “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and — more than just making it work — kill it.

That they shared the stage with me and elevated “Dear Elizabeth” to goose bumps and nose bleeds is, well, gravy. More like chocolate syrup, or caramel. Whichever.

Or that they took to Nada front man Jason Walsmith’s “Blue Lights” and — with a cello, cajone and buttery harmonies — transformed it into some sort of nostalgic lament.

Or that all six of us winged a version of “California Stars” then transitioned effortlessly into U2’s “All I Want Is You” and back into “California Stars” including two cello solos and an a capella finale.

The thing is this, the music industry may be fucked, but the music — as long has super-capable, super-engaging bands like Raining Jane are tearing up the highways — the music will be just fine.

4 Responses to “Raining Jane: On Any Given Sunday”

  1. Vicky  Says:

    I agree 100%. Raining Jane rocked my world when my husband and I saw them last year. My husband said it best- “It’s not just that they are FANTASTIC- but they are having a blast making this amazing music.”

  2. Papa  Says:

    Finally the media is catching up to what I knew all along….
    luv papadave

  3. hillymama  Says:

    these gals are not only talented, intelligent, hard-working and beautiful–they are good people and a pleasure to be around. they’re music totally rocks. who ever thought you could rock a sitar or cello (along with the guitars and percussion) like they do?

  4. Jade  Says:

    I saw them open for Sara Bareilles in Tucson, AZ and they were phenomenal. They totally had the crowd engaged and laughing. Plus a box drum or a cello would pop in for a song making the music truly beautiful and unique. I’m glad you believe in the music, because I agree…there are so many talented bands out there like Raining Jane just clawing and scratching their way for a chance.

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